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Our Process is Relationship-Based. What Does That Mean To You?

Your goals, needs, and expectations are what we base our process around. We are not a “one size fits all” traditional M&A firm. We build relationships with our clients to know what is important to them. We then take what is important to you to interview and vet potential partners and buyers.

As you begin to write the next chapter, you should understand your options.

I’m not ready to sell but would like more information.

Market Evaluation Readiness

Learn more about our M.E.R. process.

I’m ready to start the transaction process.

Transaction Process

Learn more about our process so you know what to expect.

Market Evaluation and Readiness Analysis

Getting to Know You

Meet with you to understand your business, your goals, and your vision of the future for you and your company

Financial Analysis

Review the past four years of finances to understand your metric, trends, and current financial position

Operational Analysis

Review of your current operations, facilities, capabilities, equipment, KPI, org structure, risks, and opportunties

Industry Research

Research the state of your industry to understand current trends, risks, and how your are positioned in the industry

Valuation Research

Quantitative and qualitative research into the current overarching and industry-specific trends

Transition Options

Define and explain the available transition options and their alignment with your goals and objectives

The initial report takes 4-8 weeks to evaluate. This provides you with your expected business valuation and an outlook on the market. It also helps you understand how buyers will see your business if/when you decide to sell.

Transaction Process

There are multiple steps involved in a transaction (sale) process. It is important to ensure that each step is accounted for and completed along the way. A knowledgeable M&A advisor can walk you through each step of the process.

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Let’s write the perfect ending to your business success story together!

Having a team of trusted advisors to help guide you is crucial to getting the desired outcome of selling your business. You wouldn’t run your business without a trusted CPA or attorney, therefore you shouldn’t attempt a sale without a trusted M&A advisor. As a seller, this will be one of the most important transactions of your life and we’re committed to making it a successful one!