Merger and Acquisition Advisors - Experts in Lower Middle Market

Our Mission:

To bring high-quality M&A professional services to family and privately owned businesses.

We provide value by relying on our three foundational principles

Founders & Family

Family and privately held businesses are the backbone of the economy and our country


The continuation of those businesses, through a successful transition, is key to the future of all the people who helped build and maintain that business


Family and privately owned businesses deserve quality advice and guidance to make key decisions related to the business

Our Team Stands Apart

We come from many areas of business expertise. The S. Lawrence & Company team has decades of combined experience as owners, operations managers, human capital, and business consultants. Having been a part of many lower middle market businesses during our careers, we know the true value of founder and family-owned businesses. We can support you because we have walked in your shoes and have seen your side of the story.